A lot can happen in a month…

05 Feb 2014

It’s amazing how things can move on in a month. The plans for SiD are being fleshed out piece by piece, sometimes only to raise more questions and dilemmas! But we have lots to be thankful for.

We’ve made it to 9 churches in Didcot so far and been blessed by people’s enthusiasm and commitment once again. Didcot Town Council have awarded SiD £1000 of grant aid! There have also been a few fundraising events, including several quizzes (just don’t ask how well the SiD team did!). The Sunday celebration is starting to come together with lots of different exciting activities planned – we’ve even booked a climbing wall and circus skills!

Over the next few weeks we’ll finish the last of the church visits and meet all the church reps to talk about the plans and hand out volunteer forms. Can’t wait!

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