It’s back!

The SiD team have had a little break, but, with renewed enthusiasm and new team members, we’re back to help the churches in Didcot share God’s love and bless our community in practical ways!

It’s astonishing that the Pavilion in Edmonds Park still bears the SiD logo after 13 years, standing over what is a rather dilapidated building, but standing for those who were willing to get involved in their community and not stand by. It’s amazing to hear of the impact that Soul in Didcot has had over the years. I’ve often been surprised that people who aren’t associated with any of the churches, but have been in Didcot for a number of years, have heard of SiD.

So many people remember the community and teamwork of previous SiD events, and look forward to getting involved again. And of course, there’s also lots of new people in our churches who haven’t yet heard or been involved before. Please do spread the word as we seek to get SiD up and running regularly, that it would be a good opportunity to show God’s love actively in Didcot.


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