Side by Side

02 Jan 2014:

So, we started thinking about Soul in Didcot back in June 2013, having had various conversations with people about the previous events in 2005 and 2007. We had caught a vision about the impact SiD could have on Didcot, how God’s love could be shared in practical ways and how the churches of Didcot could work side by side to achieve it. Six months on from those initial conversations, what does SiD now look like??

Well, we’ve made a positive start, even if we have been quite daunted by the magnitude of the task we’ve taken on. We have a planning team (always a good start) – Karen, Rosalind, Hazel, Vanessa, Mike and Keith – with a range of abilities,  talents and experience. We’ve started talking to people about SiD and visiting churches (6 churches so far) and been very encouraged by the enthusiastic responses and ideas. And Didcot Town Council have given us the full go ahead for holding the Sunday event in Edmonds Park on 27th July.

We’ve got a lot ahead of us – health and safety to think about, applying for funding, and planning the events to take place and many more. At times we’re a bit overwhelmed by the multitude of details to organize and our inexperience – but God is good, and his strength is sufficient!

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