What’s the point?

Serving – God has called us to serve one another; Jesus came to serve not to be served so we follow his example. We serve out of love of God and love for our fellow human beings. We don’t serve to win a place in heaven or the equivalent of a spiritual Blue Peter badge although by taking part you will get a magnificent T-shirt! It is actually great fun, working in a team, meeting new people, being part of something worthwhile and giving back to the community we live in.

Uniting – The witness of Christians uniting to serve and celebrate together speak volumes to people who only see division in the Christian Church throughout history and even now. Churches across Didcot already come together to run various projects such as Food Bank, Treasure Times and TRAIN. SiD is probably the most visual way that the people of Didcot can see us working together and is a really practical way of blessing the town.

Celebrating – We have so much to celebrate, God’s love for all, our faith, our lives, our community. The community celebration of worship will be the highlight of our time together.

Last time was great, I really enjoyed meeting new people, working together, getting my hands dirty and paint covered, clearing brambles, singing to elderly people, worshipping together.

So I am looking forward to all this and more … see you there?????????

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