Who’s who?

The team are busy drawing together volunteer forms, putting up fliers around the town, confirming jobs for our social action days, and pinning down various activities for the Sunday too.

So we figured it was about time we introduced you to the core planning team for this year’s Soul in Didcot…

Our team consists of an oceanographer (Hazel), youth worker (Karen), teachers (Mike and Rosalind) and a pastor (Vanessa).








Although we are coordinating the event, it wouldn’t be possible without an amazing team of volunteers working hard behind the scenes with jobs ranging from health and safety, advertising, prayer and much more. And we are looking forward to working alongside others during the event itself, so if you haven’t got your volunteer form in yet, it’s not too late. You can download it from the ‘Get involved’ section of the website!

Only 5 weeks to go and counting …

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